Nov 2020

Lavang is also known as Syzygium aromaticum or Clove . It is a spice that is mainly used for flavorings different foods. It is one of the most powerful and effective health supplement.
It is a medium sized bushy , crown , evergreen tree growing up to 8 to 20 meters in height .
Leaves and Bark of this tree is aromatic but this is most famous for flower buds .
Leaves are glossy , simple and light green in color . Elliptical leaves with petioles can grow up to 13 cm and lower surface of leaves are covered in aromatic oil glands .
Flowers are in small clusters and buds in the starting are pale with fleshy , glossy appearance , turning green and become bright red when mature.
The fruits are 6 mm with minute capsules with unctuous many angled seeds inside.
Clove can be used in many applications . In the modern times, Lavang is used in the form of a useful healing compound that has the capability of offering great relief for many problems. The dietary herbal use of this spice can help in relieving a number of ailments both external and internal. In the form of a supplement, this spice can be used in its ground form or whole form and even be reduces into an essential oil.
Laung are dark, blackish-brown in color and shaped like a nail.
1 Kingdom :- Plantae
2 Clade :- Tracheophytes
3 Order :- Myrtales
4 Family :- Myrtaceae
5 Genus :- Syzygium
6 Species :- S. aromaticum
7 Binomial Name :- Syzygium Aromaticum
SYNONYMES :- Caryophyllus aromaticus , Eugenia Aromatica , Eugenia Caryophyllus
1 Hindi and Punjabi :- Laung
2 Gujrati :- Lavinga
3 Marathi :- Lavang
4 Tamil :- Lavankapattai
5 Sanskrit Name :- Devakusuma , Shri Prasuna , Bhringanga , Varija , Chandanapushaka , shekhara
6 Telugu Name :- Lavangamu , Karavaillu
PART USED :- Flower Bud
1 Rasa :- Tikta , katu (Bitter , Pungent )
2 Guna :- Laghu , Snigdha ( Light , Oily)
3 Virya :- Sheeta ( Cold )
4 Vipaka:- Katu (Pungent )
1 In Digestion :- It helps in soothing and relaxing the inner lining of the intestines and therefore help in digestion . This spice can even be effective in relieving an upset stomach.
2 Cure Cough :- It can also be used for helping the esophagus produce phlegm and serve in the form of an expectorant which makes cough less severe.
3 Anti- Analgesic :- It also has analgesic properties that help in relieving tooth pain by applying with a cotton bud or chewing a single clove .
4 Skin Issues:- It can also help in sunburn by applying externally .
5 Anti- microbial effect :- It kill bacteria and parasites that live in the digestive tract.
6 Gaseous Issues:- It can also be of good use in relieving excessive bloating and gas if taken in right dose.
7 Anti - Histamines Property:-It help in keeping the sinus passageways open and clear by its anti histamines property .
8 Reliving Cholera:- It is very useful in relieving cholera .
9 Asthma :- It serves as a best remedy for all those patients who suffer from asthma.
10 Mouth Freshener:- Lavang in India is used as a mouth freshener
11Making Cigarette:- In some of other country like Indonesia , it is used for making a type of cigarette
12 Anti -Fungal:- Oil of Lavang can also be used as a repellent to ants and mosquitoes and also has anti- fungal effect so can be used for warts and acne. It is a important component in toothpastes .